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Aluminum foil
Absorbent paper
Vegetable peeler or pen knife
Bits and pieces of broken crayons
Iron, medium-hot

Cover ironing surface with several layers of newspaper and a sheet of aluminum foil. Lay the sheet of paper you will use for wrapping paper on top of the foil. (Freezer paper is good.) Whittle off shavings of different colors of crayon until the surface is covered. Fold the paper in half, top with another layer of aluminum foil, and slowly draw the iron over the foil. Unfold the paper and let it cool.



Tempera or poster paint
Butcher paper
Precut sponges in various shapes, or
    cut your own from regular sponges

If cutting your own sponges, pick a simple shape such as a star, holly leaf, berry, etc. and cut a regular kitchen sponge to shape.

Pour paint onto saucer or other flat item.

Spread butcher paper out on flat surface.

Dip sponge in paint, making sure to cover entire surface and sponge off excess.

Stamp sponge 2 to 4 times over surface of paper.

Reapply paint and repeat.

You can sprinkle glitter over the wet painted paper for extra pizzazz.



Powdered Tempera paints
Cake pan
White butcher or shelf paper

Mix tempera paints with water to the consistency of heavy cream. Pour a small amount into the cake pan; swirl to leave a thin film on the bottom of the pan. Lay your child's hand flat in the pan to pick up paint, then lay hand flat on paper to print. Make random prints on paper.



1 long roll Kraft paper or paper bag
1 object to use as stencil*

Determine size of wrapping paper needed. Cut to size. Dip stencil in Tempera paint, then dab onto paper where designs are desired.

* May use half an apple dipped in red paint. For smaller children, stick a fork into the apple so the child has a handle to hold on to. Cut a stem stencil from a potato and dip in green paint to stamp the stem.

Use a tiny toy car. Roll the wheels in paint, then roll the car over the paper to make "fast track" wrapping paper.

To cut a stencil pattern from a potato, draw the design you want on the cut side of potato. Then carefully cut potato away from the edges of the design, so that the design you want is raised.

Another idea is to put a sheet of plain paper into the bottom of a box and put one or more marbles in different colors of paint, then put them in the box and roll them around. This makes beautiful designs.