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1 clean plastic jar with lid
    (such as a peanut butter jar)
Finch bird seed

Fill the jar half full of bird seed. Add whatever small items you can find, such as a screw, jingle bell, rubber band, piece of macaroni, button, needle, bead, screw, paper clip, penny, marble, pop tab, etc. Put 20 items in the jar. Fill with bird seed, leaving a space at the top for the seed to move around. To prevent people from opening the lid, you can add some glue to the threads of the lid, then screw it onto the jar. Keep a list of the items you put into the jar because it's almost guaranteed that the person you give it to will not find them all!

Add the following poem:

Some pirates got it all mixed up
And did things wrong way 'round.
They put the treasure in a bottle
And buried the map in the ground!

Their treasure was some silly stuff
Like needles, screws and beads.
Then dear old Polly Parrot
Added all her extra seeds!

So find the twenty items here
No two are quite the same.
Don't open up the bottle though
As that would break the game!