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1 regular receiving blanket
Tissue paper
Newborn hat or cap
Pacifier (pink or blue)

Lay the receiving blanket out the wide way on a work surface. Begin rolling the blanket in from both sides until they meet in the middle. Fold the top of the rolled blanket down about two-thirds of the way. Inside the part that you have folded, where the fold is, place a ball of tissue paper (baby's head). Pull the blanket gently around to cover the tissue paper and tie around the neck with a ribbon.

Turn the baby over (front to back). The arms are made from the rolled blanket which is now in back. Sit the baby up and bring the arms around to the baby's lap in front, securing the baby's lap with a stitch of thread. The legs should already be there, as they are the lower part of the rolled blanket. If you want, you can prop the baby up with a piece of stiff cardboard in back to make a stand. If you have done it right, you should have the baby.

Now add the accessories. Place a newborn hat or cap on the baby's head. Cut off the mouthpiece of a pacifier and glue in place for the mouth (this is the only thing that is not usable afterwards). Place a small stuffed animal, rattle or other baby toy in the baby's hands, securing with a little thread to the blanket. Make sure to advise the mother that if she is going to use the items, to wash the blanket and remove any lose threads prior to use.


1 (30 x 40-inch) cotton waffle-weave
    receiving blanket
Baby bonnet, newborn size 11
Pacifier, rattle, or small toy
Large light colored rubber band
2 medium-size safety pins
Pink embroidery floss
Blue embroidery floss
Ribbon if desired

Mark center of long edges of blanket with straight pins. Roll the two short edges, evenly and tightly, toward center. Remove pins.

Use enough stuffing to make head of desired size. Measure 17 inches down from top of blanket, and place stuffing on top of rolls. Fold upper rolls over head, arranging blanket to cover stuffing. Wrap rubber band tightly below head; tie with ribbon (optional).

Unroll short rolls part way. Roll center back up to neck; blanket still rolled will form arms. May need to pin center to back of neck. Bend arms toward front. Pin with safety pin holding pacifier or toy.

Embroider face using large easy-to-remove stitches, using blue for the eyes and pink for the nose and mouth.

Place bonnet on head.